Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Character description

Awful Auntie

Awful Auntie is the main character of the story called Aunt alberta She is the auntie of a sweet 12 year old girl called Stella.

Her auntie is awful and rude because when it is someone's birthday she goes into her green house, how rude. At christmas she gives her brother, stella's dad a icky wicky spider. She is very cruel and horrible because she annoys her niece by wrapping her into white bandages.  Telling stella that “all her bones are broken”.  She is also a bad cheat when your partner is turned around she glues there tidily winks onto the table.

She wears old tweed hunting clothes that look like old checkered clothes.  She also wears an old flap hat that people wore in the 1950’s. She sucks on old pipes YUCK! She wears a golden glass eye as shiny as can be.  She also wears strang boots called steel -toe-capped boots.  

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