Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time before the dinosaurs were alive there were three brave little pigs. They were going to leave their parents that day. So they said bye to their friends and family. They set off to build their own houses. The first piggy saw a man with lots of straw so he asked if he could borrow some straw from him “Can I please borrow some straw?”Image result for the three little pigs

The man said “Yes, sure you can. I can’t see why not.” So the little piggy took a bit of straw and set of to build a straw house. It took him hours to build his straw house but when he had finished he had built a fine straw house. When he had set off to build. His older brother had also gone on his way. He saw another man and the second piggy asked him if he could borrow some wood. Again he said the same thing yes.
 Image result for 2nd pig cartoon from 3 little pigsImage result for pig getting straw

So he brought his wood to a place where he could build. He started building and building and building. It also took him hours to build. When he had finished he had built a fine wooden  house that looked amazing. When the second pig had started, the third pig also met a man and he was carrying bricks. The kind piggy asked the wise man if he could buy some bricks. Again the man said “yes off course, why not”.

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So the third pig also set off to work.  He found a nice place to build so he started building. He wasn't disturbed by anything. It was night when he finished. That night they went to sleep. before long the the big bad wolf came along that night and knocked on the door off the youngest pig that build the straw house.
Image result for pig with straw house  and wolf blowing his house
The little piggy looked through his little window there he saw the big bad wolf standing there he said “let me in.”
The pig said “not by the hair of my chinny chin chin”.
The wolf became so angry. So he said, “I will blow your house down. 1, 2, 3, blow”
So he blew his house down and the piggy ran to his older brothers house. The big bad wolf followed  him all the way. Suddenly he lost the little piggy.
Image result for pig with straw house  and wolf blowing his houseImage result for pig with wood house
The the piggy found his brothers house and quickly ran and knocked on the door. His brother woke up and answered the door he said, “who is it?
The piggy said, “it’s me, your little brother”.
He said, “come in.” He asked,  “why are you here in the middle of the night?”
He replied “the big bad wolf blew my house and lost me on the way”.
The second  piggy  said “you can stay with me forever.”
And the three little pigs lived happily ever after.     

This week we wrote fairy tales and changed the ending. I changed my ending by the wolf only blowing the 1st pigs house and the first pig go's to the second pigs house and stays there forever.  


  1. Well done Hena! I like how you put a similie at the start.

  2. Hena, you are using speech marks correctly. Well done. Keep working on getting your ideas down quickly. - Mrs T

  3. I love your narrative it wonderful