Thursday, 19 October 2017

Beach description

Angry waves crash at the surface of the smooth sand like bowling the wickets in cricket.  The tall trees in front of the cove are in order from smallest to biggest.There are hungry seagulls finding food on shore.The horizon stretches out a thin blue line that splits the sea and the sky.The dark cove is as black as a cat .There is a tall cliff with some grass.The beautiful sea shells shine on the beach shore.

Salty water fills my nose with oudur.  Rotting shell fish create a pungent stench which takes over the lovely smell of grass and nauture.A dealious smell of chips draws the seagulls in and my mounth waters.The beautiful smell of sea shells filled my nose.

An gentle breeze hits a tree and makes some leavs gently come out while they float in thin air and silently lands on the sweeting sand.Waves rush up to the sand and the hot sand fights the waves away and retreats the waves shyly go bach to there under water home.

There is nothing better then spending time at the beach with my family and friends.I love playing in the sand with my sister.We make sand castles and play on the playground.We play games like cheat with our friends.    

This week we we wrote descriptions and in my description I used different sentence starters.


  1. Hena, I like how you are working on developing your vocab and are trying to use new words like - odour, pungent etc. Keep working on this. - Mrs T

  2. I like your description! It made me feel relaxed :D