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Life cycle of a butterfly

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Metamorphosis is when an animal changes its form over a course of life. Frogs,cicadas and butterflies all began there life in a different form. A butterfly's life cycle has many stages the first stage is the egg stage number two is the caterpillar the third one is the pupa stage and the last stage is the butterfly stage.
                          Egg stageImage result for butterfly eggs
First the female butterfly lays  hundreds of eggs  at the bottom of a leaf. The egg is as big as a sesame seed. It only hatches when there is a warm weather.After a few days the caterpillar is ready to come out it chews a hole in its egg. When the caterpillar comes out of its egg the first thing it does is it eats its egg.

                    Caterpillar stageImage result for caterpillar
A caterpillar is 2 millimeters long when it hatches. The only things it does is, eat all day and it sheds it’s skin every seven days so it can grow. They love milkweed leaves and  butterfly plants. Once it is big enough it stops eating.The caterpillar grows a hundred times it’s original size.
                       Pupa stage(Holometabolism/chrysalis)
It sheds it’s skin for the last time. They form into a pupa on a plant or twig they also need warm weather to form into a pupa.The pupa is made from silk. A caterpillar forms a protected cover.The pupa remains motionless. It takes 1 and a half weeks to form into a butterfly. The caterpillar forms very slowly. A pupa can be soft,hard,webbed or see through. It also changes colour into green, brown black white.It goes through a series of changes. It takes several minutes to wriggle free.
File:Monarch Butterfly Cocoon 3.jpg - Wikimedia Commons             Butterfly stage
After fifteen days a butterfly emerges out .Its wings are small and wet.The butterfly pumps fluid into its wings to make them strong so they expand. After a few hours the wings are strong enough to fly with. They need to dry so the butterfly can fly.
 Image result for butterfly   Conclusion

It is essential that the female butterfly lays it’s eggs so the life-cycle can continue and not go to an end. If it went to an end butterflies would be extinct.

This week we have been learning to write an explaination about life cycle of a butterfly.

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