Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Zoo trip

Zoo trip
The grasslands sprowl out like Mount Roskill ,the girraffe,rhino,and zebras hurrdle around like cheetahs looking for there prey.The two girraffe twins play tag around there habitat.

Allgators lay motionless camaflouging in there mossy habitat in the wetlands occasionally lifting their heavy limbwhen seeing there prey.

The adorable seal glids to the cool and clean water Gracefully like people doing syncronised swimming at the olyimpics.Its streamlined body means it can sweep through the water like a torpedo.It thumps on the rocks trying to carry itself up on the shining rocks.Iasked sarahs mom if we could go to the kiwis she said “we can go after lunch.After lunch we went to the elephants and kiwis.

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